Artoonz with Esther
Birthday Parties Artoonz comes to you, no fuss, no mess.   An Artoonz with Esther, birthday party is 1-hour or more of cartooning fun!  ALL THE SUPPLIES ARE INCLUDED.  Parties can be held in any room in your home - all we need is a table and chairs and your imagination! PARTY A: Each child goes home with either a T-shirt or a pillowcase, each with a favourite character drawn by Esther, the professional cartoonist.  The child then colours in and adds their own details to their T-shirt or pillowcase.  They can create their own art on the other side also.  Your party includes your choice of 1 pillowcase or 1 T-shirt for each participant, up to 10 children.  For additional children our charge is slightly more.  Imagination is FREE!  For parties of over 10 children, more time may be needed to complete our artwork.  PARTY B:  Each child makes 2 buttons and a famous cartoons sketchbook in the hour.  They can learn to draw cartoons from the list below, plus much more.  At this party, the children will learn step-by step how to draw these familiar cartoons. Please contact Esther at Artoonz for rates. Prior to your child's party, you can e-mail Esther and let her know your child's and their friends' favourite cartoon characters. Here are some popular characters.
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Artoonz with Esther
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